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$40k to $1.2M Exit.

scaled and sold at 3X EBITA

Client: ChiroQueens (Equity Holder)

Scope: Head of Marketing & Fulfillment

Result: Grew MRR from valley of $20k, to $100k+, Net Cash 65% Year over Year, & Successfully Sold At 3X EBITA for $1.2M in March 2022.

$15M revenue

~$1M managed at blended 12x

Client: Marygrove Awnings

Scope: Media & Distribution

Results: $15M+ Revenue contributed to. Best performing CPMQL achieved in company history at $1M+ advertising budget utilization.

$924k cash year 1

$2.5M+ contractual added

Client: 7 Figure Cartel (Equity Holder)

Scope: Marketing, Sales, Tech

Result: Stood up marketing, sales, and tech departments ultimately contributing to $2M+ of annual contractual revenue inked and $100k+ MMR being reached in first year of business.

$300M+ receivables


Client: Undisclosed (NDA)

Scope: Distribution & Technology

Results: $5M managed in aggregation efforts of a 2,000+ delivered and verified clientele totaling to ~$300M of receivables generated.

$4M @ 77x roas

$54k managed, $4m added.

Client: Internal Project (Equity Holder)

Scope: Marketing, Lead Management, Tech

Result: Deploying funds internally toward an alternative investment opportunity, 60+ deals were inked at an average value of $64,000.

$2.3M collected

b2c offering.

Client: T3 Body

Scope: Marketing & Distribution

Results: Started from $0 in 2022, over 593 client acquisitions in 2 years at an AOV of $3,900. Passion project. Currently active.

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